Designed to fit your application

Custom design

Solar energy designed to fit your product

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Lightweight and flexible

As light as 1 kg/m2, less than 1mm thick and bendable up to a radius of 300mm

Highly efficient

Manufacturing the most efficient solar panels commercially available

Invisibly integrated

Coloured, any shape and bendable solar technologies

How it works

Wattlab’s solar panels consist of different layers. We select the right combination of layers to deliver solar panels that are optimised in their properties regarding power, rigidity, shape, and colour.

Module examples

The Wattlab Classic

The Wattlab Classic delivers the highest performance available in silicon solar today. It is made of top-grade polymer layers and Sunpower solar cells to form a thin, highly effcient and flexible solar panel.

Light, thin and flexible

Lighter than 1 kg/m2, less then 1 mm thick and bendable up to a radius of 250 mm.

Consistent performance

Maintaining energy production in partly-shaded conditions, difuse light, and temperature fluctuations.

Highly efficient

Reaching 25% cell efficiency and an unrivalled module efficiency of 95%. Chosen by world solar car champions.

Durable and resilient

Transparant, resistant to corrosion, and resilient for weather, water, dust and dirt for over 30 years.

Eco friendly

Combining minimal material use, cadmium- and leadfree components, and RoHS compliant cells from landfill-free production facilities.

Tailor-made design

Made-to-measure high-precision dimensions and designed to match your desired electrical output.

Dutch quality

Automated soldering and electroluminescence scan quality controls ensure the modules are free of microcracks and damages.

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