Turn your product into an energy source

Solar advice

Discover the possibilities of solar for your company

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Design & development

Developing the solar system that best suits your requirements

Production & implementation

Delivering your solar product at scale with our flexible production line

Monitoring & upgrades

Monitoring the performance for future improvements

Our services

Introducing solar technology in your portfolio makes you stand out from the rest.

Together, and step-by-step, we help you to design and develop a solar powered system that fits your product. You will be ready to offer clean, smart and sustainable products to your customers.


Solar advice

Free of charge we explore the added value of solar for your organisation and the feasibility of our ideas.


  • Advice based on yield potential, your requirements and potential product price
  • Plan of action and proposal for the next steps
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    Research, design and development

    The design of the individual solar modules and whole electrical system is key for getting the most out of the sun. Which materials and solar cells are suitable for the use conditions? What about the array lay-out and shadow optimisation? Wattlab will develop the most (cost-)effective.


  • Final design using CAD toolsima
  • Quotation
  • Optional protoype
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    Production and implementation

    Our semi-automated production process results in high quality while maintaining design flexibility. Electroluminescence imaging ensures that the modules are free of damages.


  • Your solar system delivered at scale
  • Assistance with installation and implementation
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    Monitoring and improvements

    We monitor the performance of your solar system and analyse the results to enable maintenance, future improvements and product upgrades with the latest technologies.


  • Insights in your product performance
  • Advice on maintenance and upgrades
  • Going solar

    What our solutions have in common:


    Optimised to your requirements regarding power, dimensions, durability, budget and aesthetics.


    Integrated with the design of your product, from facade elements to drone wings.


    Completely designed PV system - including charge controllers, diodes and inverters.

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