Engineering solar energy for your project

Exploration & feasibility

Discover the possibilities of solar for your product

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Product development

Developing the solar system that best suits your requirements


Validating the solar product’s performance in realistic use conditions


Delivering your solar product at scale with our flexible production line

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You want to use the sun to power your project.

We deliver a custom solar power system that fits seamlessly.


Exploration and feasibility

How can solar energy be valuable for your company? What energy yield can be expected? What are the possibilities in terms of aesthetics? For what kind of price can the solar system be produced? If you want to use custom solar but you’re struggling with these kind of questions, Wattlab is the partner for you. We explore the possibilities of solar for your company or assess the technical and financial feasibility of your idea.


Product development

The design of the solar panels and electrical system is key for getting most out of the sun. Which materials and solar cells are suitable? How many solar cells are needed in series? How many in parallel? What about shadow and snow? Tell us about your case, and Wattlab will come up with cost-effective solution, taking into account requirements in terms of costs, performance, weight and aesthetics.


Pilot and testing

We set up an experimental pilot in which we demonstrate, evaluate and validate the performance of the design in the intended use environment. We measure the relevant parameters such as the energy yield, log the required data and help you to draw the right conclusions by analysing the results. Based on the results, adjustments can be made before we proceed to the next step.


Serial production

We deliver your solar system in series. Our semi-automated production process results in high quality and consistency while maintaining a high design flexibility. Automated soldering and electroluminescence scan quality control (EL-scans) ensure the modules are free of cracks and damages.

Going solar

We design and select the elements that are needed to integrate solar into your product:

  • Custom solar modules
  • Cell type and layout
  • Encapsulation materials
  • Shape, size and colour
  • Integrated diodes
  • Power electronics
  • Charge controllers
  • Cables
  • Diodes
  • Inverters
  • Energy storage
  • Rechargeable
  • Grid-tie solutions
  • Off-grid solutions
  • Solar energy solution
  • Optimal solar energy solution for your product

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