Pioneering solar powered applications


From solar cars to city transport

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Aeronautics and space

Powering satellites and making drones fly


Zero emmission transport ferries and shipping

Building integrated

Turning buildings into energy generators

Highlighted projects:

Use cases:


We enable ship builders and owners to make use of the sun. We do this by integrating solar panels into the design of the ship and optimise the solar system to power the propulsion and electricity on board.

Sun-powered propulsion = Fuel and grid independency

The built environment

We develop solar solutions that can be aesthetically integrated in facade, roof and window elements. Our lightweight technology enables installation without the need for heavy constructions.

Lightweight and aesthetic solar = Buildings as power plants


We design and manufacture solar solutions for solar cars, public transport, (temperature controlled) freight and shared mobility services. Our solutions enable clients to increase the use range of their products as their batteries recharge themselves on-the-go.

Fewer charge cycles = Longer battery life = More transportation

Aeronautics and space

By combining solar technology with lightweight and integrated material engineering we are able to develop multifunctional solar systems that provide flying objects with energy.

Onboard solar = Charge anywhere = Infinite flight range

Going solar

What our solutions have in common:


Optimised to your requirements regarding power, dimensions, durability, budget and aesthetics.


Directly integrated onto parts of your product, from facades to drone wings.


Completely designed PV system - including charge controllers, diodes and inverters.

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