Get independent energy production on board with Solar Hatches

Solar Hatches are Aluminium hatches with integrated solar modules that produce sustainable energy for your vessel. Become less dependant on your generator and oil price fluctuations while discovering the joy of turning off your generator.
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Say goodbye to heavy shore power cables and generator noise

Forget the hassle of shore power cables or an idling generator. Enjoy quiet days without a generator while autonomously feeding your hotel load with energy from the sun.

Generating power and saving money at the same time

Enjoy a return on investment with no hidden costs. Stop paying fluctuating fuel prices and benefit from the many subsidies available for purchasing Solar Hatches.

Get the most out of your aluminium hatches with solar modules

Whether you have sliding hatch or Frisian-style hatch covers, we have a solution that fits. Solar Hatches are easy to install, cost-effective, and resistant to the elements.

Before and After

Don't miss out!

Before Solar hatches

“We find the noise and smell of generators annoying as well as dragging heavy shore power cables”
“You depend heavily on fuel providers and faulty shore power points”
“It's a shame to waste fuel or pay shore power while the sun shines for free on our hatches”
“We feel uncomfortable running the generator near residents on the land”

After Solar hatches

“The generator has not been running for weeks and we can easily go away for a weekend leaving the ship alone without worries”
“All appliances now work on the (battery) system, we even cook on solar energy!”
“The tedious process of getting shore power to work is now part of the past”
“The use of the generator has been reduced considerably and we have made considerable savings on maintenance”

The autonomous energy source for your electricity grid

By installing Solar Hatches, you can generate your own energy and reduce your expenses on shore power and gas oil. When used with a battery system, Solar Hatches can also reduce the operating hours of your generator, resulting in savings on maintenance and replacement costs. Additionally, by relying on solar panels, you can decrease your dependence on fluctuating fuel and shore power prices, as solar energy is free and abundant from the sun. Furthermore, there are significant tax benefits and subsidy opportunities available for both the aluminium hatches and the battery system as part of your purchase.
Our systems work with highly efficient, thin, dirt-repellent, and low-maintenance solar panels. It includes a complete solar panel system, including micro-inverters. The system can be easily connected by your electrician.
For Dutch shippers: Acquire Solar Hatches and receive up to 40% discount with the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) and Small-scale Investment Allowance (KIA)!

The Results of Solar Hatches

Less generator runtime
Reduced generator fuel consumption
Reduction in days needing shore power
Based on a complete Solar Hatch cover. Numbers are indicative and dependent on the number of Solar Hatches, battery capacity, your vessel, and sailing profile.

Motor Ships familiar with Solar Hatches

MS Kenyro

Trio Frisian-style cover
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MS Mededinger

Sliding Hatch cover
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MS Concordia

Duo Frisian-style cover
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MS Addio

Duo Frisian-style cover

MS EL Teide

Trio Frisian-style cover (retrofit)

MS Sira M

Sliding Hatch cover

MS Tampico

Duo Frisian-style cover

MS Fundament

Duo Frisian-style cover

MS Viator

Duo Frisian-style cover (retrofit)

MS Victus

Duo Frisian-style cover (retrofit)

MS Amarige

Trio Frisian-style cover (retrofit)

MS Dependant

Trio Frisian-style cover (retrofit)

MS Variant

Trio Frisian-style cover (retrofit)

MS Wilhelmina Arina

Trio Frisian-style cover (retrofit)

Exclusive technology

Highest Quality

Lightweight panels, highly efficient and resistant to the elements. Designed and tested for inland shipping.

All-in-One System

Solar modules, cables and inverters integrated into the aluminium hatches. Can be connected directly to your 220V/380Y on-board grid with one plug per hatch.

New and Retrofit

Interchangeable and stackable with regular aluminium hatches. Suitable for both new aluminium hatches and existing hatches.

Data Driven

Live monitoring of the energy yield and individual optimization per solar module.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions. Can't find an answer to your question?
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Application options

Can the Solar system be installed on all types of hatches?
Yes, the solar panels can be installed on both stackable and sliding hatches. We can also equip both top and bottom hatches. This is possible because we integrate the system into the hatches and use very thin solar panels (2.5 mm)
How are the Solar hatches connected to the ship?
There is one plug connection per hatch. Your electrician will also make one connection per hatch in the switchboard. You can easily connect your hatch to your switchboard using the provided plug cable. We can also provide an additional long cable so that the hatch can generate power even when stacked on top.
Is it possible to retrofit the solar system onto my existing hatches?
Yes, as long as the hatches are in good shape, they can be converted into Solar Hatches by Blommaert in Wijnegem or Rotterdam.
Can the Solar system be installed on non-Blommaert hatches?
Yes, the Solar system can also be installed on hatches that are not manufactured by Blommaert. Please contact us for further details and customization options.
How long will I miss the hatches if I want to have them retrofitted?
To be sure, approximately 1 week. If everything goes as planned, we can retrofit 2 hatches per day. You can either drop off your hatches in Wijnegem or Rotterdam but it also possible to have them picked up.

Electricity & System on board

What type of power output can be expected from the Solar Hatches?
The Solar Hatch operates at the same voltage as your onboard electrical system: three-phase 380Y/220V or 400Y/230V. Single-phase is also possible upon request. The current output from the Solar Hatch depends on the intensity of sunlight and the number of solar panels. A Solar Hatch acts as a generator, and the generated energy can be used directly in your onboard electrical system.
What needs to be done to my vessel in order to install Solar Hatches?
Your electrician needs to install one plug and cable in the switchboard for each Solar Hatch. These cables will be connected by your electrician to a electrical cabinet, the Wattlab combiner box.
What is the minimum battery capacity required to use Solar Hatches?
Solar Hatches do not require a battery system. However, we recommend combining them with batteries as it often results in a greater fuel saving. If you choose to use batteries, we can provide recommendations based on your consumption and the number of Solar Hatches. As a rule of thumb, we advise a minimum capacity of 25 kWh (1040 Ah at 24V and 520 Ah at 48V) to effectively turn off the generator as much as possible.

Robustness and Use

Can the solar panels withstand falling cargo?
The solar panels are perfectly resistant to sand, particles, fine cargo, dust, and hail. However, as a general rule, anything that can damage the hatch will also damage the solar panel, such as heavy or sharp cargo. During loading and unloading, you can place a hatch without solar panels on top of the stack to protect the underlying Solar Hatches.
Can I walk on the solar panels?
Only in emergencies. We strongly advise against walking on the solar panels as it can accelerate degradation (loss of energy efficiency). Additionally, sharp objects may get stuck underfoot. If you happen to walk on them by accident, do not worry, the panels will not immediately break, but due to potential faster degradation, we do not recommend it.
What is the lifespan of Solar Hatches
At least 15 years, moreover all components are certified to last 25 years. We have conducted mechanical degradation tests in collaboration with Delft University of Technology. The results? The Solar Hatches did not experience any additional degradation during their lifespan.
Is it possible to use Solar Hatches on a ADN certified ship?
Solar Hatches can be used on ADN certified ships but need to be turned off when actually carrying dangerous goods. When carrying ADN cargo in containers, you place the Solar Hatches as far as possible from the containers, at least 2 meter away it and turn the Solar Hatches electrical group off. When carrying ADN without containers, that is, you cover the cargo with your hatches, you additionally cover the Solar Hatches with a opaque sail.

Savings and subsidies

What are additional benefits from using Solar Hatches?
First of all, you save on fuel and your shore power bill. If you also opt for a battery pack, the running hours of the generator will decrease, resulting in:  1) Your generator lasting longer  2) Fewer filters being required  3) Less lubricating oil being needed. You can expect a AYP of 5 to 10%.
How many Solar Hatches do you recommend?
This depends on your energy consumption and your goal. Our experience shows that most ship owners tend to order additional solar shutters after their initial experience. The more Solar Hatches you have, the more energy you can save and the less frequently your generator needs to run.
Are there subsidies available for the purchase of Solar Hatches?
Yes, in The Netherlands, there is the EIA (Energy Investment Allowance) and KIA (Small Investment Allowance) that can both be used. Together, this can result in a discount of up to 50% for new Solar Shutters, and up to 38% for retrofit Solar Shutters. Germany and France also offer attractive subsidies.

About Blommaert & Wattlab


In 1978, Blommaert started designing and producing aluminum hatches for inland shipping. More than 40 years later, they have become the market leader. Blommaert has a very extensive range of solutions for inland shipping.


The origin of Wattlab lies in the Vattenfall Solar Team of Delft University of Technology, multiple world champions with their solar car Nuna. Building on their expertise, they are now making innovative solar panel applications possible for inland shipping.