From the makers of race-winning solar modules


Two award-winning solar modules


Ambitious, energetic and thrilled to accelerate the use of solar energy

How we work

Matching the needs of our customers with the possibilities of our technologies


Flexible production facilities to quickly move from prototypes to serial production


Race-winning solar solutions

Our roots lie in the Nuon Solar Team of the Delft University of Technology. Together with their team, Wattlab’s founders designed and manufactured the solar system for their race-winning solar car Nuna 8S, followed by the solar modules for race- winning solar car Stella Vie (Solar Team Eindhoven). Building on our solar-race expertise we continued developing solar solutions to open the doors to other solar power applications.


Experts in tailored solar solutions

Wattlab consists of an ambitious and energetic team of engineers, designers and business developers. Our combination of technical and business backgrounds enables us to understand how custom solar technology can work for your business and to come with innovative and creative solutions.

Our team is growing fast! Do you want to be part of an awesome team and contribute to a more sustainable world? Check our vacancies or contact us!

How we work

From lab to reality

As Wattlab works side by side with solar racing teams and the solar department of Delft University of Technology, we constantly innovate to deliver the latest solar technologies. We combine the knowledge from our research partners with our in- house production facilities to match the needs of our customers with the possibilities of solar technologies.

We are based in Rotterdam and work with companies across the globe - from mobility start-ups to established shipbuilders. What our clients have in common? They want to use solar energy in innovative and effective ways.


Customized production

Wattlab has in-house flexible production facilities that enable us to produce custom solar solutions. Most of the designs we create together with our partners and customers can be made by our machines. After production, electroluminescence scan quality controls ensure the modules are free of microcracks and damages.

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