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Award-winning solar modules

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Our services

We develop and deliver custom solar solutions that fit your project seamlessly


Lightweight and flexible solar panels with best in class efficiency


Implementing solar energy in the field of mobility, maritime, aeronautics and architecture.

Enabling new applications of solar energy

You want to use the power of the sun

We deliver a custom solar power system that fits seamlessly


We explore and assess the opportunities of solar energy for your company.


Wattlab develops the solar solution that best suits your project.

Pilot & validation

We set up a pilot to measure the performance in realistic use conditions.

Serial production

We detail the design and deliver your one of a kind solar system at scale.

Making new applications of solar energy possible

Every hour, enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface to provide all the energy world’s population needs during one year. Therefore Wattlab works on a future where solar energy is generated everywhere around us and goes far beyond the conventional solar panels we know from roofs.


Zero emission and grid- independent transportation.

Built environment

Aesthetic and lightweight solar for low-bearing roofs and facades.


Mobility of people and goods with integrated solar systems


Lightweight solar providing energy high up in the sky.

About Wattlab

Wattlab is a Dutch design agency and creator of custom solar solutions. Our roots lie in the Nuon Solar Team of the Delft University of Technology. Together with their team, Wattlab’s founders designed and manufactured the solar system for their race-winning solar car Nuna 8S, followed by the solar modules for race-winning solar car Stella Vie (Solar Team Eindhoven). Building on our solar-race expertise, we continue to open the doors to other solar power applications.

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