Custom solar solutions

To achieve your ambitions in innovation and sustainability

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Award-winning solar modules

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Our services

We develop custom solar solutions that fit your project seamlessly


Lightweight and flexible solar panels with best in class efficiency.


In the fields of mobility, maritime, aeronautics and architecture.

Your partner in novel solar applications

Every hour, enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface to provide the energy demand the world population asks during one year. Wattlab helps companies and organizations to harness the energy of the sun in ways that go far beyond the conventional panels we know from roofs.


Travel independently and protect the waters you sail

Built environment

Aesthetic and lightweight solar for low-load bearing constructions


Integrated solar for extended e-mobility drive range


Lightweight solar providing energy high up in the sky.

Our services

Integrating solar energy into your product and asset portfolio helps you to differentiate with clean, smart and sustainable offerings. We deliver a custom solar power system that fits your project.

Design & Development

We develop the solar solution that best meets your objectives

Production and realisation

We deliver your unique solar system at scale and guide installation

Pilot & validation

We monitor the performance and detect future optimalisations

About Wattlab

Wattlab is a Dutch design agency and creator of custom solar solutions. Our roots lie in the Vattenfall Solar Team of the Delft University of Technology. Together with their team, Wattlab’s founders designed and manufactured the solar system for their race-winning solar car Nuna 8S, followed by the solar modules for race-winning solar car Stella Vie (Solar Team Eindhoven). Building on our solar-race expertise, we continue to open the doors to other solar power applications.

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Benefits of custom solar

Turn your product into an energy source

Unique sustainable offers

Differentiate with energy generating products

Smart integration

Dual use of space, materials and installation operations

Grid independency

Increase product uptime

Climate goals

Protect the environment for a better future

Reduce energy bills

Save fuel and electricity costs with every second of sunlight

Optimised design

Optimised to the requirements of your application

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