Smart Solar Energy

Wattlab integrates highly efficient solar energy systems into your product. Turn your assets into smart power plants and generate energy where needed.

Brought to you by the makers of world race-winning solar panels. Do you see us collaborating?

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Innovation from cross pollination

World Champion
Supplier of the top tier and winning solar car teams world wide such as the Vattenfall Solar Team.
Development Experts
We bring ideas to scale by collaborating with partners in industry.
Cross Industry Expertise
Combining knowledge from outer space applications to delivery vehicles.

Wattlab Solar vs Conventional Solar

Our Solar Panels
Weight 10 x lighter
Thickness 20 x thinner
Efficiency 21-25%
No frames, glass, ballast or anchors

Our Services

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Everything you need to decide if a custom PV system is right for you
  • ±40 consult hours
  • First design and business case
  • Feasibility study
  • Yield calculations
Design, test, and measure your custom solar setup
  • Design of your solar system
  • Delivery of a working product
  • Monitor and analyse yield data
  • Validate your business case
Have your design made to scale and delivered by us, straight to you.
  • Detailed solar system design
  • Scale production & delivery
  • High and consistent quality

Highlighted Cases

Picnic Solar
Wattlab delivers custom solar panels and PV systems including inverters for the current and new delivery vehicles of Picnic.
The solar power is used to cool off Picnic’s products and extend the battery’s state of charge, all while enabling zero emission delivery.
Blommaert Solar
Together with Damen Shipyards and Blommaert Aluminium, Wattlab developed plug & play solar hatches for inland and ships.
With the power of the sun, generator usage is decreased, saving on fuel, emissions, and costs.
Municipality of Rotterdam
Wattlab developed lightweight solar panels for curved and low-load bearing roofs, which cannot support conventional solar panels.
With this new generation of solar panels, Wattlab supports Rotterdam in achieving its climate targets.
Rondal Carbon Solar
Imagine producing electricity with a cabin roof or mast. This is the future of solar on yachting. Rondal and Wattlab collaborate to integrate solar into Rondals' spars and composite structures.
Delivering clean, flush, and smart solutions to the energy requirements of yachts.
Stella Vie & Era
Solar Team Eindhoven has won the World Solar Challenge (Cruiser Class) at every participation.
Their solar vehicles, Stella Vie and Stella Era, are powered with our efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar modules.
Vattenfall Solar Team from TU Delft, is a 10-time plus solar car race World Champion.
Wattlab has powered their races, and with continuous research and development, we aim to deliver the most efficient solar panels available to support more and more solar car teams.

About Wattlab

Since 2017, Wattlab has set new boundaries for the application of solar power. Originating from the Nuon Solar Team (now Brunel Solar Team), Wattlab closes the gap between science and market applications. With close collaborations with industry leaders and cutting edge knowledge institutes, the latest innovations are integrated into new solar applications. With a passion for technology and a drive to solve the climate problem, every challenge is an opportunity for us.

Nuon Solar Team in South Africa

Our Vision and Mission


We see a future in which clean energy is a given. The power of the sun is used where it is needed, enriching everyone’s life by delivering zero emissions and bringing independence. By integrating solar energy in to the existing surfaces around us, clean energy and flourishing nature go hand in hand.


Collaboration is key in solving the climate problem. Our mission is to collaborate with industry leaders in order to develop and scale new solar solutions. By integrating solar energy into the things around us we create a better world for tomorrow.

Sunset with solar hatches

Our Partners & Customers

Developing solar solutions in collaboration with:


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