From custom solar panel production to complete system design


Do you want to try something new? We're in!

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We design our solar modules and the system driving them to be optimally matched for each project.


By developing our own machinery we increase the consistency and quality of our products while remaining flexible.


All our systems are tested profoundly using both in-house methods and third party experts

Research & Innovation

We function as partner in R&D projects in which we help with solar system challenges. During these projects we experiment and create prototypes and proof-of-concepts. If you have an idea that's never tried before, we'll suggest to just trie and do it. As a result, the outcomes of projects we do serve as input for innovation and new solar energy applications.

We also run our own independent research. We test different layers and coatings to find combinations that transmit as much sunlight as possible while remaining lightweight and flexible. We work with leading solar cell manufacturers and collaborate with students and professors of the Delft University of Technology to remain up-to-date with the latest innovations in the PV world.

Product & system design

We design each solar energy solution to fit the project while meeting power requirements and other requirements such as weight, aesthetics, aerodynamics, cooling behavior, dust adhesion and handling and cleaning.

How many solar cells are needed in series? How many in parallel? What about shadow? Different situations require different modules and a proper designed module layout and trade-off understanding is key for getting the most out of the solar surface. Also batteries, inverters, and Maximum Power Point Trackers are critical blocks for the use and storage of solar energy. We are happy to make these design and arrangement choices for you, and can design and implement your entire electrical system.

Prototyping & Production

In our own lab we create tailor made solar modules including power system solutions for your project. We can deliver solar modules up to 2.5m2 per module and plans are being made to scale up our production process.

We use special production techniques, tools and machinery, and work on the automatization of the manufacturing process in order to increase the consistency and quality of our productions.

Quality control

To control and guarantee the quality of our products, we make thermal photos of the solar modules. With these photos we can check the modules on any damages, cracks and inconsistencies. This way we make sure we only deliver high-quality modules.