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From solar cars to public transportation

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From furniture to logo design


From facades to the roofs of bicycle sheds


From academic research to space


Nuna8S is the solar car built by the Nuon Solar Team for the Sasol Solar Challenge 2016 in South Africa. During the 8 days long race, facing extreme weather conditions, the car and the solar panel are put to the ultimate test.The solar panel is made of 6m2 SunPower solar cells.

The solar array for Nuna8S was not build by Wattlab, but by its fouders David, Siebe and Bo. The project is presented here as it represents the foundation of the company and we are proud to have been part of the Nuon Solar Team. We wish our successors the best luck.

Stella Vie

Wattlab produced the solar module for Solar Team Eindhoven's solar car; Stella Vie. Stella Vie was designed to compete at the 2017 World Solar Challenge in Australia in the Cruiser Class - and won the competition! The Stella Vie's solar array consists of 5 m2 SunPower solar cells. The modules placed on the front of the car have curved edges to fit the car seamlessly. The largest module is made of 28 cells.

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Marine public transport

Wattlab is designing and producing a solar array for a public transportation vessel. The vessels will be operating in Southern Europe. They will be fully electric and powered by the Sun.

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Custom modules for research

For the Delft University of Technology we produce top quality custom-made modules that are being used for academic and research purposes:

An Active Switching Circuit for Solar Cells

Solar in Space

Our solar modules are going to space! For a project we are developing space grade top quality solar modules. Soon we'll be able to announce more...

Avy Drones

Together with AVY (drones for good) we are preparing to work on a research and development project in which a new generation drones will be designed, optimised to be used on solar energy. We will look into the use of solar modules as construction material and optimise the power system for long endurance use of the drones. The drones will be used for good causes such as monitoring or providing connectivity (network internet access) in disaster areas.

Having a project in mind?

Are you working on a project for which you think solar energy would be useful? Or are you wondering whether we can make a solar solution that fits your project? Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.