Bringing new solar applications to life


To accelerate the use of solar energy

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With our roots in the Nuon Solar Team we're intrigued to know all about designing optimal solar power systems.


We're a young and energetic team that enjoys to bring design, technology and sustainability together.


In our lab we experiment and explore how we can use sunlight in new and more effective ways.

Why we do what we do

Every one hour, enough sunlight touches the earth's surface to provide the energy we need during one year. For this reason we believe in a future where energy is generated everywhere around us and solar energy goes beyond the solar panels on roofs we are familiar with. By designing and producing tailor made solar solutions, we facilitate designers, engineers, architects and other makers to use the surface around us for solar energy. By collaborating with creators from different disciplines, we encounter a variety of challenging ideas. These ideas again push us to explore new applications of solar energy, each having their own requirements. This way we aim to open doors to new solar power applications and to accelerate the use of solar energy in the world around us.


Our roots lie in the Nuon Solar Team of the Delft University of Technology. This team has raced all over the world with their solar car Nuna. With nine World Championship titles in the last 15 years, the team can call themselves the most successful solar car racing team in the world.

Wattlab's founders David, Siebe en Bo were part of this team in 2015/2016. Together with their team they designed and manufactured the solar module for the Nuna 8s. On October 1st 2016, after 8 days of racing and more than 4700 kilometers, the team successfully defended their World Championship title and finished first!

During their time in the team they got really interested in solar technology. The dream to keep on innovating and to share knowledge about solar energy with the world slowly emerged. One year after, Wattlab was born and built the solar module for the Solar Team Eindhoven of 2017, which won the World Solar Challenge (Cruiser Class).


Wattlab was founded by Bo Salet, David Kester and Siebe Roefs. They met each other when they became part of the Nuon Solar Team. Sarah Arntz met Bo during their studies and she joined Wattlab from the moment we started working full-time and moved into our own work space. Our backgrounds can be found in Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Aerospace Engineering and Strategic Product Design. We are an energetic and committed team and all share a passion for projects where technology, innovation, art and sustainability come together.

In addition to the four of us, we're supported by a flexible team of technical students and researchers from the Delft University of Technology.

The lab

We are located in Rotterdam, where we have our own lab with production facilities. There we experiment and prototype to keep pushing the borders of renewable energy. We are located in De KROON, a new business area which is being transformed into a new Rotterdam hotspot where entrepreneurs can meet, strengthen and inspire each other. We are proud KROONers of the first hour and enjoy collaborating with our fellow KROONers.

De KROON is located on the border of Delfshaven, on the waterfront of de Maas river. It is the former site of Croonwolter & Dros and the electrotechnical history can still be noticed. With the develoment of solar energy systems we're continueing this electrotechnical ambiance - with an innovative, creative and sustainable touch.